UCaaS vs CCaaS: Is There a Difference?

To make the best software choices for your organization, you must stay on top of ever-evolving tech trends. Sometimes, staying in the loop is as simple as learning a few essential terms or acronyms. In this quick guide, we will learn more about UCaaS and CCaaS. We will look at what is the difference between CCaaS and UCaaS. Let’s get started.

What Is a UCaaS Platform?

This acronym stands for unified communications as a service. “As a service, indicates that this is software you would pay for and use on a subscription service basis. This is different from purchasing software which you would have limited rights to. You will be provided the software determined by how many agents you employ and the actual usage of the software. This type of software integrates your communication channels to improve overall communications. Communication channels can include voice calling, messaging, and even web conferencing.

What Is CCaaS?

This acronym stands for contact center as a service. Again, “as a service” indicates that this is software that is paid through a subscription service. This would also be based on how many agents you need and the ultimate usage of the software. This type of software is more focused on communications between the company and customers, while UCaaS is more focused on communications within the company itself.

This often means that more communication channels are incorporated, such as voice calling, email, text messages, SMS, video chat, and more. This type of software is used to drive sales by offering a seamless customer service experience with many different types of communication options available.

The Difference Between a Contact Center and a Call Center

There are some important differences between a contact and a call center. Although some people use the terms interchangeably, there really are significant differences. The focus of call centers tends to be communications dominated by voice calling. There are usually no options for communication via other channels.

A contact center, on the other hand, will have a range of communication channels available. Other tracks that are usually available would include chat, video calling, email, and more.

Which Is Better?

Determining which type of service would be best for your company will depend heavily upon how you wish to integrate the service into everyday operations. It is also dependent on how your customer base is most comfortable communicating. There can also be other factors, such as overcoming language barriers with chat vs voice calling. Sometimes, language barriers in voice calling can be easily overcome when implementing chat communications instead.

The best way to determine which service to use for your company will be to speak with a knowledgeable communications specialist. This professional can advise you on which service would work best for your needs and goals.

What is the difference between CPaaS and UCaaS?