Internet Provisioning

Provisioning is a process where the IT infrastructure of an enterprise is set up. Internet provisioning refers to setting up a network that can be accessed by users, IoT devices, and containers, to mention a few.

In the telecommunications industry, this refers to the provision of telecommunication services to users, service activation, as well as providing the required wiring and equipment. This process ensures that only specific users have access to a system. The process is initiated when the network is first started by allowing users access to specific devices and servers. The main focus of this process lies in security and connectivity. Hence, there is a lot of importance placed on both identity and device management.

Benefits for Small Business Internet

There are many benefits associated with internet provisioning for businesses. One of the main goals of internet provisioning is to keep a computer network secure. In addition, it may help to curb cybercrime. The process ensures that only authorized personnel have access to certain devices and data. Furthermore, the process allows companies to streamline and become more productive as employees are set up for success. These benefits are not exclusively geared toward small businesses but can benefit any size of business.

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Automation dramatically improves internet provisioning by cutting down on time required to perform certain tasks. For example, administrators will no longer be required to assign IPs, as this is a task that can be automated among several other tasks. There are cost benefits associated with automation as well. Automation significantly cuts down on the number of administrators and other staff required to monitor a network.

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Internet Access Provisioning

Internet access provisioning entails more than just providing internet access to authorized users. In addition, firewalls need to be set up and malware protection must be installed to protect the user, the device, and the data. Cyber tools should be made available that allow for further protection, and so much more. And, the system must be configured.

It is important to employ the services of a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable company that can assist you and walk you through the steps of Internet provisioning and automation set-up. Ideally, you want to work with a company that will understand your needs as a business owner, the needs of your company, and the needs of your clients to offer you a service tailored to your business. Partnering with eTelCom’s experienced technicians will allow your business to reach new heights and protect its bottom line.