Why You Should Use VoIP for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a vastly used tool for job interviews, collaborations, debriefings, etc. Furthermore, VoIP service is one of the most productive and effective services to use for video conferencing. These are some reasons you would be better off using VoIP for your conferencing.

What Is a VoIP Service?

A VoIP service is a type of technology that uses broadband internet to transmit calls. Smartphones, tablets, and computers can be used to make calls with VoIP. The technology has been swiftly replacing traditional copper line telephones over the past ten years because of its mobility and convenience.

Do Video Calls Use VoIP?

Video calls can use VoIP, but they don’t necessarily have to use VoIP. Some video calls use SIP technology. However, many video conferencing applications will work with SIP or VoIP connections.

What Is an Advantage of Using VoIP for Video Conferencing?

There are many excellent advantages to using VoIP services for video conferencing. These are some of the top benefits you’ll get:

Additional Features

With a VoIP system for your video conferencing, you will have many additional features you can take advantage of. For example, you may have the option to record calls, which might be important for you to do for future reference. Regular video conferencing apps might not have such features.

In-Call Management

You’ll also have much more flexibility in your conferencing calls with VoIP. For example, you might want to send someone to another extension or have numerous connections to talk to different people privately. A VoIP system will allow you to do that without hassle or stress. You may not have that option with a regular conference call program, either. Thus, your video conferencing sessions will be smooth and seamless.

Emergency Calls

Proprietary conferencing call applications don’t usually allow you to make emergency calls. That’s a service you might want if anything goes wrong with any of your conferencing sessions. You don’t have to worry about the inability to make emergency calls with a VoIP system.

The ability to make emergency calls is embedded into the system. Not only that, but your incident will get reported to an emergency call center so that you can get the help you deserve much faster.


Using VoIP for conference calls is much more cost-effective than other methods. VoIP service is typically inexpensive, and conferencing saves people the money and hassle of traveling to a physical meeting location.

A Greater Reach

There’s a more significant overall reach when using VoIP for conference calling. Managers, for example, can communicate with employees across the nation and help them to better understand their jobs. They can also discuss goals, sales numbers, and other important topics.

Now you know some of the benefits of using VoIP for video conferencing. Many more good reasons exist. Therefore, you should consider using VoIP if you intend to do video conferencing in the near future. You will enjoy the array of benefits it offers you.