VoIP vs SIP Trunking: Which One To Pick for Your Business

When it comes to the work that we do at eTelCom, we always make sure that our customers understand what they are getting into. When they come to us with questions about VoIP and SIP options, we explain the pros and cons of both so they can make the most informed decision possible given their personal circumstances.

Should I Use SIP or VoIP for My Business?

Many arguments can be offered on both sides of the VoIP vs SIP argument, but many will at least agree this is a debate worth having. The reality is that VoIP is often the better option for many businesses because it is more user-friendly and has great security features to boot. However, you shouldn’t assume this is a blanket rule. Some companies thrive on SIP connections as well.

Many businesses have already moved to VoIP systems, as they find it easiest to connect many phones throughout the company into one centralized system that VoIP provides. If that sounds like the direction you would like to head with your telephone connections, then you shouldn’t let anything stop you from doing so.

Is SIP Trunking the Same as VoIP?

No. SIP trunking is somewhat different from VoIP. You are still hooking up numerous business phones using this method, but it is not quite the same thing. With SIP trunking, you are not connecting the phones via the Internet at all. Some people prefer this because it makes them feel that their business phones are more secure in this way. Indeed, it is nice not to worry about so much data potentially floating around on the Internet.

However, most people still think that VoIP phones are an appropriate solution for their business. The security standards are high enough that most business owners can rest assured that they are unlikely to have their systems hacked. This is particularly true if they run a small business that would be of little value to potential hackers. It just makes sense to go with VoIP phones in that case.

With SIP trunking, you get extra customizable benefits that can help you create the kind of business phone system that you are looking to create.

You can set up such a system to allow multiple users to access the system simultaneously. This is something that most modern businesses need because they need to get as many people as possible connected through their centralized hub. It allows them to create a more organized structure within the business, which is all that one is looking for in most cases to justify all of the hard work they put into their systems.

Look over both options before making any final decisions, but you will likely discover that one system or the other works best for you. There is a good chance that the VoIP system is the one that you will want to go with.