Telephones: Then and Now

Business telephone systems have evolved immensely over the years. There used to be a time when lines would get tied up easily, and prospective callers would have to call back repeatedly to get help. Today, business lines are so advanced that clients no longer have to wait, and companies can continue to serve their customers efficiently. These are some features available today that were not an option years ago. Consider trying some of them to boost your productivity and efficiency.

Auto Attendants

The auto-attendant services act as PBX operators in some cases. They route your calls to the appropriate department. Using these services can be helpful to your organization, and it can also ensure that your callers get to the right department. Setting them up properly is paramount to getting a benefit from using them, however. Many businesses don’t take the time to have the services set up correctly, and they don’t take them on a test drive before implementing them. As a result, these beneficial services cause more confusion for clients. A well-programmed auto-attendant will improve customer satisfaction and decrease overall phone call times.

Voicemail to Text

The voicemail-to-text feature is a gem if you’re on the go and don’t have time to stop and check your voicemail using traditional methods. You can have messages from your clients come to your email or mobile phone directly to choose which calls to give priority attention to. The feature can come in handy for your time management processes and customer care strategies.

On-Hold Messages

Consumers want the businesses they contact to care for them and resolve their issues immediately. They often get frustrated and disconnect if they can’t speak to someone right away. Customizable on-hold messages allow you to communicate with your callers to let them know how important they are. You can tailor them to play an informative speech or popular music that differs from the normal genre of elevator sounds. For example, you can choose from the top 20 songs in the country if you think your callers will enjoy them. It’s been proven that using on-hold messages elongates the waiting time and lesson callers’ frustration.

Call Recording

Another feature that may pique your interest is the call recording feature. This feature is excellent for keeping track of your staff members’ conversations with your clients. It’s useful for many things, but customer service is the main area where it helps. Leadership staff and quality control personnel can playback the recordings to see if the representatives handled each call to the top of their ability. Your establishment can then use the information to improve customer service efforts and tactics. Your business may also need to record calls to handle disputes effectively.

Those are just a few of the advanced features you can receive by contacting a business telecommunications company. A whole world of other helpful services are on the menu. Therefore, it may be time to speak to a provider if you’re a business owner still using the older systems.